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What is counseling?

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What is counseling?

Tell me what you think counseling is. Maybe it is a room with a couch and a chair. Maybe it is you crying until you feel drained of all your pain. Many people have their own personal beliefs and understanding of the process, and that is okay. My role is not to change your idea, but to help you see things from multiple different perspectives. As we work together, we will figure out the best way for you to move from and into the outcomes you want.

Treatment Approaches

*Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

*Culturally Sensitive

*Gottman Method



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Areas of Guidance

*Alcohol Use                                          *Anxiety

*Career Counseling                              *Child or Adolescent

*Coping Skills                                        *Divorce

*Dual Diagnosis                                    *Infidelity

*Life Coaching                                       *Life Transitions

*Parenting                                              *Peer Relationships

*Self Esteem                                           *Stress

*Substance Use                                       

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